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Stacey Potenza

Event captioning.


Why Captioning?

Quality captioning enhances your image and your event.  Captioning benefits not only the one in five attendees with some form of hearing loss, but also those whose attention wanes, English language learners, people who want to leave the room but still keep up with the talk, and even virtual participants.  You can also easily use my transcription file to embed closed captions in your live stream and archived videos.  Did you know that closed captions are indexed by YouTube and Google, but auto-generated caption files are not?

Yep. I captioned that!

Have you noticed the live CART captions at a recent conference?  From Python to Ruby,  Go, and HTML, your Tech Con is my specialty.  I am a stenographer who also enjoys the challenge of complex medical terminology  or even Icelandic geological findings.  I will ensure that the proper terms, acronyms, names, and symbols will translate correctly, providing the highest caliber captioning of the most difficult materials.  While ASR is a great tool, hire a human when quality counts and distractions are not an option!

About Me

I am an independent contractor residing in Wichita, Kansas, with my husband, four children, and a menagerie of pets.  Although I call the heart of the midwest home, I enjoy traveling the world through my chosen profession as a conference stenographer.  I have a demonstrated history of near flawless live captioning of highly technical content in conference settings, higher education, and broadcast media. My skills in stenography, captioning software, remote and on-site streaming text, project management, and team leadership have helped me to establish myself as one of the most sought-after conference captioners in the US and abroad.  


Accurate and instantaneous translation of speech to text, projected for use by all in attendance via a stand-alone screen or mixed with video and graphics.


Webinars and conference calls remotely transcribed in realtime and streamed to any device that has access to the internet.  Enhanced security available upon request.


Remote captioning is a discreet accessibility solution for students in lecture and flipped classroom settings utilizing microphones, VoIP, and streaming text.

Special events

Focus on  breaking down communication barriers  by Universally Designing your gala, walking tour, plays, sporting events, fund raisers and more with live captioning.