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by Kimberly Shea, CRC, and Stacey Potenza, CRC

Have you heard the buzz? Yes, you CAN push live captions to Facebook Live as well as other social media platforms.

Let’s be clear about this: we have the knowledge, experience, and capabilities to provide your on-site audience with live captions while simultaneously streaming captions to your social media platforms. We can achieve this at almost any venue, under almost any circumstance. It’s what we do; live captioning takes your message from anywhere to everywhere!

Man yelling into a tin can attached to a string

The human element is a key component of language, and our ability to accurately facilitate the clear communication of your message is what sets us apart from artificial intelligence and speech recognition in the lane of accessibility.

It doesn’t matter how loudly you speak from the campaign trail if your message does not reach the people. Is your message clear?  Is your message even reaching your target audience? In short, is your content accessible? Every candidate knows that one of the most important things in any campaign is the message.

Five adults looking at their cell phones

You can pound the pavement, exhaust your voice, and share your goals; however, if your content is not both accessible and inclusive, what message is your audience actually receiving?  Live Captioning will not only help ensure that your message is clearly conveyed, but will also exponentially expand your reach.

The internet is full of information … and misinformation. Unfortunately, @smiley845 has regularly seen replies regarding Facebook Live captioning repeated again and again on Twitter, and there is a need for clarification regarding this misinformation. “Live captioning is not allowed” or “not possible with current technology” are inaccurate statements. This is simply a lack of understanding and knowledge regarding captioning services.

Give your audience what they’re asking for. You cannot overlook the staggering statistic that “85 percent of video views happen with the sound off.” If viewers on Facebook consume your content while their devices are muted, it’s important to remember that approximately 90% of content that includes captioning is watched in or near its entirety! Live captions are critical to your goals. You have three seconds to grab the attention of your viewers. Don’t waste it.

Seek consult from experts in the field before denying accessibility to the very people you are trying to reach. Live captioning may have been designed for the deaf and hard-of-hearing community, but modern studies prove captioning benefits many more, including those with auditory processing disorder, autism, ADHD, English language learners, and more. In addition, a large population of individuals without a disability prefer to have captioning during live events because it is helpful if there are distractions or noise disruptions in a crowded environment.

People want a chance to receive your message. All you have to do is give it to them.

For assistance in expanding your reach and taking your message to the masses, call YOUR tech con and medical captioning specialist, Stacey Potenza at 303.921.8684.

By Kimberly Shea, CRC at Breaking Barriers Captioning and Stacey Potenza, CRC